Sound Grenade App Reviews

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Can't Hear It

This app is defective and I can not hear it.

No 64-bit Support!

Great app, but it will be barred from the App Store soon.

It can kill you

It really hurts my spine im gonna sew you


Don't get unless you really want your ears to ring! I got this and deleted it because it hurt my ears and my friends. After my ears still rang! Don't get this at all! You have been warned!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭

Waste of Money

I use to have all the grenades until they started taxing for each 1 lame rip offs.

Cool if it worked

Bet it would be cool if it worked.

Glitched and terrible!!!!!!!! 💀💢💥

This app was working pretty well at first, but then when i hit the deactivate but to stop the sound, it wouldnt turn off. Then it kept going after i exited the app. And going and going!!! At first i thot i was just still hearing it. But it wouldnt stop even though i closed the app and turned off my phone!!






Its great for trolololololololololololololoing

Great app


iPhone 5

Update to iPhone 5 screen plz thanks


Like I said decent

Apple ID

After installing this app, it kept forcing the Apple ID Password screen to pop up. It would pop up randomly when: browsing safari, waking my phone, opening other apps, any other random time. After uninstalling this app, the problem went away.

Love it!

I love trolling with this app!! It's awesome, but I do not want to re-purchase what I had already paid for!!!


I love this app, it is great for trolling your friends and family. Now I just cant wait to use this in school!!!!


I love annoying people with this app!

Sound Grenade

This is the best app in the store.

It always annoys people

Somehow I've become immune to the sound, but everyone else in my family hates it! It's really fun to annoy people with this And I haven't ever had any crashes...

Awesome App.

Don't pay attention to the idiots hating on the app. Yeah, all it is is a high pitched noise, but you can troll SO MANY PEOPLE with this app. If you define yourself as a troll,buy this app.

WhatTheHell !!!!!!

iGot this app iT worked good very funny to use but one problem iHad it to long now when iHear music with out headphones iT doesn't play out loud messed up my audio stupid app !!'>x[

Frag out!

This app is amazing for trolololz


All i got to say is this is a awsome app!!!


It makes a horrible high pitched sound!!! XO

Awesome app

I live this app bc of the sound it's fun to scare people wit it and wake ppl up lol :p


i love the app but it hurts my ears really bad

Bad app

All got was a dumb high pitched screeching sound


Please add a restore purchases thing!!!

Awesome, but one flaw:/

Its AWESOME, but i i cant turn it off unless i turn off the whole app. Enable tye turn off on the screen. Awesome though. Get it.


The sound is broke 


I got this app and used it in class and 5 other people got in trouble. XD 

I hate this app!

This app is the worst


If the app crashes just restart your device should work again. Only thing is I wish there were more grenades


It crashed

No longer usable

Been crashing upon startup for months now.

Freaking awesome

My teacher hates you.


Its really cool. Most people above 40 cant hear it. Very neat, my dad cant hear it but my mom can. I think its geens.

Must fix I opend app and it crashed

I opend the app it crashed you realy got to fix it


Worst app ever!!!!

Fix it!

Crash on start up won't even open.

it dosent work

it crashes on the start up


I love the strobe mode


It's asome and great but ow it hurts my ears like hell


It's ok

Great app

Great app! However, dont buy pro or extras. U can get a free dog whistle app and change the frequency (pitch)


It's a really cool and really annoying 2 ur brother !!!!

The button

Something's wrong with the activate button

It's ok

It's sort of pointless but if your in the mood to annoy people it does the trick!

Wow !!!!!!!!•_•

It's AWESOME 

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